Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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Next Parish Council meeting is the Annual meeting on 14th May at 7.30pm.



Message from Canterbury City Council

Cut up your cardboard

Our refuse trucks are struggling to effectively crush large pieces of cardboard and boxes.


This takes up a lot of space and reduces the amount of waste the truck can hold - resulting in the crew either making two trips to the recycling site, or putting it in landfill. 


We're asking you to make sure that individual pieces of cardboard are no larger than 60cm2 - about the length of your arm. These can then be bundled flat for collection.


We'll be putting stickers on large pieces of cardboard we can’t take, asking you to break it down for the next collection. For more details about this, visit


If your cardboard is business waste, visit commercial waste for details on how to dispose of it properly.



The Parish Council are considering an allotment site in the village.

Anyone who would be interested if such a project were to go ahead

Please give your contact details to Denise (Parish Clerk) on 07703561509 or email:

To report a problem regarding street lights, potholes, overgrown vegetation etc please click on the link below to KCC 

or phone 03000 418181

Once reported, faults can be tracked by reference number, given at time of reporting, to see the status of the fault. 

Tyler Hill has a new PCSO:

Mollie Proctor :

Contact details:


phone: 07772226049

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