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The next Parish Council meeting is on 10th September at 7.30pm.



Parish Councillors:

Cllr. Ray Evison (Chairman)
Footpaths and Rights of Way.
01227 471743  

Cllr. Ben Fitter (Vice-Chairman)
Highways (including pavements) and Traffic (including Speedwatch)

Cllr. Annie Cover
K.A.L.C and Village Hall
01227 471691

Cllr. Tricia Hulks
01227 471696

Cllr. Nigel Cronin
Street Lighting and NHW

Clerk to the Parish Council:
Denise Horswell
Tel: 07703561509

Ward Councillors:          

Cllr. Ben Fitter  


Cllr. Amy Baker


Cllr. George Metcalfe


County Councillor:         
Cllr. John Simmonds



PCSO: Mollie Proctor : 

Contact details: email:       phone: 0777 222 6049

r for non-urgent matters ring Kent Police on 101



Temporary Road Closure – Calais Hill, Hackington, Canterbury – 7-8 September 2015


It will be necessary to close Calais Hill, Hackington from Monday 7th September 2015 for up to 2 days. 


Calais Hill will be closed in phases for its entire length, with no through access during works. 


The alternative route is via Wood Hill, Hackington Road and Link Road.


Due to the nature of these works, it is unlikely the road can be re-opened outside the working hours.


The closure is to enable Kent County Council to carry out essential carriageway patching works.


These works are weather dependent, and if adverse conditions prevent them going ahead on the planned dates shown, revised dates will be notified and signposted on site.


The Kent County Council Highway Helpline phone number is 03000 418181

To report a problem regarding street lights, potholes, overgrown vegetation etc please click on the link below to KCC 

or phone 03000 418 181

Once reported, faults can be tracked by reference number, given at time of reporting, to see the status of the fault.

 Hackington Parish Council

The Chairman of the Parish Council’s report to the Parish Assembly,

12th March 2015

It is with regret that the Council records the recent death of Major Stephen Hambrook, former member and Chairman of the Council, fundraiser extra-ordinary, organiser of the annual Sailing week for Parish teenagers and editor for many years of the Community Magazine. He had been Chairman of Blean School Governors and was the first recipient in the parish of the County Community Awards Scheme. He will be sadly missed.

The Council has met on its customary six occasions over the past year, managing particular matters pertaining to the parish as well as its usual business of oversight of the highways, footpaths, street lighting, safety and security, and the conservation area. It continues to enjoy good working relationships with other bodies serving the community in the parish.

It remains the Council’s intention to commemorate Hazel McCabe’s great contribution to the parish and to record the high regard in which she was held, by creating a suitable memorial to her. We have sought to purchase some land adjacent to the Recreation ground presently owned by South East Water in order to create allotments, but have had our request rebuffed. We are therefore perusing the idea of a compulsory purchase order being pursued through the District Council.

At long last the District Council has indicated that it proposes to bring in an Article 4 Direction in February of next year which will require potential developers to seek planning approval for proposals to convert family houses into Houses in Multiple Occupancy. Whilst the move is welcome, it is far too late. The damage has been done in the last eight years when so many family homes in the parish have been converted for student occupation. By and large the students resident in the village cause no nuisance but they do not participate in or contribute to the community.

Highways and road traffic again featured prominently in the Council’s work. Following a full survey by Kent Highways a proposal was brought forward to create a revised crossing of Hackington Road, to narrow the road at that point to focus drivers’ attention on the crossing, and to move the bus stop for coast bound vehicles some 40 yards northwards and away from the crossing. The new scheme appears to be working well although many drivers do not slow down for those seeking to cross the road.

The Council will continue to seek a speed-indicator sign for coast-bound traffic as soon as funding becomes available.

Following petitioning by electors, the support of our County Councillor and in particular work done by Cllr Fitter, a revived Speed Watch scheme has been formed and instructions taken from a Kent Police PSE, Guy Rollinson, on where and in what manner the scheme can be operated. It is hoped the efforts of those volunteering to run the scheme will gradually reduce the incidence of speeding both on Hackington Road and Calais Hill.

The Parish has again enjoyed a year in which there were very few crimes committed and the Council is grateful to PCSO Matthew Farley, and his successor PCSO Mollie Proctor(available on 07772226049 email:mollie.proctor@ for their attendance in the village.

The Parish Council has considered several planning applications during the year. Most of the applications were processed in a straight-forward, uncontentious manner but one matter caused some concern.

The demolition of Hillside Cottage on Wood Hill was sought after surveys had revealed that it was structurally unsound and not repairable. Whilst the Council accepted this application to demolish it could not support a concurrent application to replace the cottage with two dwellings. A resubmission for one dwelling was accepted with conditions.

The chairman has revised the Village Design Statement with a view to gaining approval for the Statement as a Neighbourhood Design Statement. However, following consultation with the Head of Planning at the District Council, Louise Reid,

it is now proposed not to seek Neighbourhood Design Statement support as that process is essentially for larger councils who have major building projects being proposed for their locality. Instead, we have been assured it will suit us better to revise and perhaps strengthen those elements in our Design Statement which summarise our expectations of those who are seeking to change buildings, add to buildings or created new buildings in the parish.

The Council continues to welcome commentary on the Design Statement. The text is available on the Parish Council’s website

Perhaps the most significant event for the community has been the reopening of the village pub, now re-named as The Tyler’s Kiln. There have been some fears expressed that the popularity of the venue might lead to vehicle parking which would cause inconvenience to those living near to the pub. The Council will monitor any such circumstances.

But the re-opening is to be welcomed as it will, along with the Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground, complete a trio of assets which give character to the the village environment and provide a variety of social opportunities for our residents which many others would envy.

The Tyler Hill Meadow Local Nature Reserve has again benefited from the voluntary efforts of the management team and from pupils from St Edmund’s School who, as part of their service in the community, have cut, cleared and tidied in the Reserve.

There continues to be regular surveys of birds, butterflies and moths, flowers and grasses, trees, and dormice. We are pleased to have secured the support of a volunteer who has agreed to regularly survey the pond in the Reserve and several other ponds in nearby private gardens.

It has been agreed that there will be need for a major refurbishment to the notice board and the gate of the Reserve in the coming spring.

Footpaths in and across the parish continue to be very well used. The footpaths to the east, which are mainly in our woods, have been flooded in parts and blocked in parts by the very heavy rainfall which has occurred in the first two months of this year.

The Council has placed the following documents on its website:

The Parish Design Statement is available for scrutiny and commentary.

A document called ‘Who we are and what we do’ is a statement about the

Parish Council’s constitution and activities.

Agendas and Minutes of all Parish Council meetings

Minutes of the management committee for the Tyler Hill Meadow Reserve.

The Annual Report to the Parish Assembly.

The Council undertakes an annual assessment of the Risks to which it might be vulnerable and it confirms that the necessary insurance it has obtained covers the eventualities that might have to be met.

Members of the Council again wish to record their thanks to the Clerk, Mrs Denise Horswell, for the efficient, considerate and very pleasant way she continues to deal with all her responsibilities.

The Council wishes to thank and congratulate all those members of the community who have generously given their time and efforts to enhance the appearance of the village in the flower beds at the junction of Hackington Road and Summer Lane, on the ‘village green’ near the village sign, around the entrance to the Memorial hall and in the proposed Greening projects.

During the year the Parish Councillors have taken the following lead responsibilities

Footpaths Ray Evison

Highways Ben Fitter

Street Lighting + Security Robin Whiting

Liaison with KALC and Memorial Hall Annie Cover

Conservation Trish Hulks

The Council is grateful for the advice it receives from the Chairman of B, H & T H Society, Penny Reilly, and from the Tree and Pond Warden, Lynne Evison

Message from Canterbury City Council

Cut up your cardboard

Our refuse trucks are struggling to effectively crush large pieces of cardboard and boxes.

 This takes up a lot of space and reduces the amount of waste the truck can hold - resulting in the crew either making two trips to the recycling site, or putting it in landfill. 

 We're asking you to make sure that individual pieces of cardboard are no larger than 60cm2 - about the length of your arm. These can then be bundled flat for collection.

 We'll be putting stickers on large pieces of cardboard we can’t take, asking you to break it down for the next collection. For more details about this, visit

 If your cardboard is business waste, visit commercial waste for details on how to dispose of it properly.



The Parish Council are considering an allotment site in the village.

Anyone who would be interested if such a project were to go ahead

Please give your contact details to Denise (Parish Clerk) on 07703561509 or email:


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